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  • Teamphony

    A musical metaphor

  • Let's imagine

    An orchestra of non-musicians

  • Create a "team-phony"

    Supported by a musician

  • Long lasting effects

    Ensured by a team coach

Your goal… Our challenge

If you want your team to make substantial progress quickly, you have found the right workshop! Teamphony is a metaphor for teamwork.

Within a framework that we ensure is safe, Teamphony enables your team to explore new ways of relating to one another using innovative techniques of Group work.

Imagine what this means


Imagine an orchestra of non musicians: There would be no harmony, no rhythm, no rules...

However, with the introduction of specific exercises the participants learn to listen to each other, how to intervene and respond to the musical cues of their group members.

Finally, they will be able to harmonize, to adapt and to cooperate in order to achieve a common goal: The collective production of a coherent piece of music!

This is the Teamphony experience.

How does it work ?


Our workshop is led by a duo, composed of a musician and a facilitator. Our musician has experience of working with non musicians and our facilitator specializes in team development.

Using Kolb's cycle, each workshop is unique and is tailored to the needs of your group.


1. Concrete experience

Each person chooses an instrument.

From silence, without discussion nor any kind of direction from any appointed leader, the group comes together to produce a crescendo of sound before slowly returning to silence.


2. Reflective observation

The group members share their thoughts and observations regarding what has just taken place. They are helped and encouraged by the musician and coach.


3. Conceptualisation

The coach highlights and further develops the group's findings e.g. The level of commitment within the team.


4. Active experimentation

Drawing on this experience, the participants then decide upon a single concrete change that they can incorporate into their team and how best to implement the change.

Experience it!

Vous êtes membre des RH ou bien manager dans une organisation ? Venez expérimenter la méthodologie "Teamphony" ce 20 août à Bruxelles.

Inscription en ligne

  • "With my team, we lived an excellent and enriching fun musical experience thanks to Michael's Teamphony workshop."

    J. J.

  • "His confident yet open facilitation created some wonderful, magical moments de grâce as well as real tangible results to improve team dynamics and future team performance."

    Head of Solution Centre Talent Development.

  • "Job well done, Michael. The Teamphony has the potential to make your organisation and team more vibrant! "

    A happy customer

  • "Apprendre à connaître ses collègues d’une autre façon (et soi-même aussi). Fun! Et instructif."

  • "Entendre une mer dans chaque coquillage. Le tout est d’écouter."

  • "La musique m’avait déjà beaucoup enseigné et donné, mais je ne savais pas qu’elle était si riche et si puissante en tant que métaphore! "


The Teamphony addresses many skills and behaviours. The following list is not exhaustive.












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